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Using Word and InDesign Together

I’m thrilled to welcome you to one of my favorite topics and LinkedIn Learning courses, Using Word and InDesign Together.

In this course, we’ll start out by learning how Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign work with styles. You’ll learn, what I have come to call, best practices for flowing and formatting Word texts into InDesign, including managing tricky issues like: local formatting, indexes, images, footnotes and endnotes.

I’ll show a number of free scripts and other third party solutions that can really save the day.

I share some great solutions I’ve found for the most common issues, including a file full of normal plus styles, and for what I like to call bizarre formatting. Plus, I’ve got some incase of emergencies techniques for rescuing corrupted files.

Finally, I show some of my favorite Word alternatives, that you can use hand in hand with your Word and InDesign workflow.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the differences between InDesign and Word styles
  • Identifying which formatting attributes transfer and which don’t
  • Controlling text formatting when cutting and pasting
  • Placing Word files in InDesign with the Import Options dialog box
  • Linking to Word files for automatic updating
  • Working with footnotes, hyperlinks, and tracked changes
  • Learning best practices for fixing text formatting
  • Extracting embedded images and converting Word art
  • Converting local formatting to character styles with free scripts
  • Round-tripping to InDesign RTF to clear out file corruption
  • Syncing Google Docs with InDesign via DocsFlow
  • Converting Word docs to InCopy for fast and accurate formatting

Now that you’re all excited about finally getting these two monsters to play nicely with each other, let’s get started, with using Word and InDesign together.

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