Collaborative Workflows with InDesign and InCopy

Welcome to InDesign CS5 Collaborative Workflows with InCopy CS5.

In the publishing world, the workflow between a designer and the editor has always been an important one. For publications created in InDesign, adding InCopy to the editor’s toolbox empowers the editorial department and streamlines the publishing process.

In this course, available to members, I’ll show you how multiple users can access and edit the same layout from both InCopy and InDesign, editing not only text, but adjusting graphics and formatting as well. I’ll demonstrate the power of InCopy as a full-featured word processor, how it integrates with Microsoft Word, and even Adobe’s own Buzzword, new in CS5. I’ll explain the specific techniques that give production team members access to your documents, whether or not they’re within the local network or only available by e-mail.

Throughout the lessons, I’ll be providing guidance based on my experience teaching InCopy and InDesign to hundreds of publishers, and communication departments around the world. I’ll show you how to comfortably introduce, and get the most out of this great workflow for your design and editorial colleagues.

So let’s dive right into InDesign CS5 Collaborative Workflows with InCopy CS5.

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