Updated Apple Docs for Designers on OS X

August 19, 2004 - 2:00am ||| 0 Comments | Add new

Bumming around the Apple site the other day, I noticed that there's two recently-revised "Technology Tour" papers (aka "Manuals We Should Have Included") of interest to designers working in OS X:

Color Management with OS X Panther (June 2004)

Advanced Typography with Mac OS X: Using and Managing Fonts (July 2004)

These are well-written, comprehensive PDF documents you can print out and read at your leisure. Which I did myself, as soon as I found them, and they're fantastic!

The Color Management one not only covers basic color management (assigning profiles, working spaces, soft proofing and so on — did you know you can do all this without owning one single Adobe product?) but how to use the functionality built right into OS X: ColorSync Utility, the Display Calibrator Assistant, integrating color management with Image Capture, choosing profiles when printing, and automating everything with AppleScript. It's 24 pages of hard-to-find information, and the last page is a list of even more resources.

Advanced Typography, at 35 pages, apparently replaces the earlier "Managing Fonts in OS X" PDFs that Apple used to offer. It's not just Advanced Typography, it's everything having to do with fonts in OS X. The paper covers all the new stuff in Panther such as Font Book and the Cocoa-only typography features (a bit bizarre). It also covers the essentials of font management in OS X: Where they're stored, what a .dfont is, how to organize fonts for a third-party font management program. Be sure to check out the sections "Optimizing a Production System" and "Font Management for Prepress and Production."


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