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My assistant, Sherri, and I just wrapped up a months-long effort of updating the content in DesignGeek Central, the section of my web site that contains my software resource pages (as well as DesignGeek back issues):

Check out the resource pages for Photoshop, Acrobat, InDesign and Illustrator, especially; as we found great new books and a sheaf of new Adobe white papers (in-depth guides in PDF form) for each of these programs, which were buried in various places on Adobe's web site. Also of note, the OpenType Resources page has links to new Type 1 to OpenType conversion guides and glyph charts, and I added two new resource pages, one for Adobe Bridge and one for Version Cue.

As before, each resource page contains links, artwork, and pithy commentary about what I consider to be the best information available for the program or topic in question, and best of all, many of the resources are free. A typical resource page includes links to relevant DesignGeek articles, best books and magazines, Adobe/Quark/Apple white papers and tutorials, user groups, mailing lists, forums, video and on-line training, third-party web sites, blogs, podcasts, plug-ins, actions, XTensions, and kitchen sinks.

Everything that's listed on the resource pages has been reviewed by me (yes, I download, open and read each PDF, read each book, take each tutorial), so you know what you're getting before you click and what you're getting is good.

I assemble these pages mainly for the benefit of my training clients (so they have all my recommended resources for their program in one URL — less work for me), but I know they're useful for any design professional, from newbie ("QuarkXPress to InDesign CS2 Conversion Guide," "OpenType Overview") to uber-geek pros ("Applied Color Theory in Photoshop listserv," "CS2 Bridge Javascript Reference Guide").

Here's the full list of resource pages in alphabetical order — look at the last bit of the URLs to figure out which program/topic they lead to:


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