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Many of my friends and even some of my clients are looking for work. One of the reasons I know is because they ask me if I know of anyone who’s hiring, since I have so many connections in the design and publishing field.

If I know of any openings that would be a good fit for them, I tell them, of course. (And sometimes it even works out — my referrals get hired, and I get thank you letters from the seeker and the hirer — and I feel like the Yenta of publishing gigs!)

But personally, I think one of the best way to learn about openings in the publishing or design field, or most any field, is to use I know, I know, if you’re looking for work you’re probably all over that web site. You’ve requested recommendations and you’ve sent messages to all your contacts.

But wait! There’s lots more. Even if you’re already working at Company A,  but you’ve always wanted to work for Company B, you can get Linked In to let you know when they have openings (if they use LinkedIn, of course, which the vast majority of companies are doing).

First, before I get to “how to stalk a company’s job openings” part, be sure to take advantage of the “normal” way to look for jobs on LinkedIn. First, log in (I’m pretty sure you need to be logged in to your LinkedIn account to access the URLs I’ll be giving you. If you don’t have one, make one, it’s free.) Click the Jobs link at the top menu bar, and then click the Advanced Search text link:

LinkedIn: Jobs > Advanced Search

By choosing the Advanced search, you can go beyond the simplistic “what job do you want?” field and specify keywords, industries, location, job titles, and more. LinkedIn searches not just its own database but also, a jobs posting conglomerator (in the same vein as or You can even save your searches and have automatically email you the latest results.

But what if you have your heart set at working at a particular company? Not a lot of people know that LinkedIn not only has individual profiles, but also company profiles. Go to their Companies page:

LinkedIn: Company Profiles

Not every company in the universe is listed here — just the ones who’ve bothered to make a Company Profile on the site — but it sure comes close.

When a company creates a profile on LinkedIn, it can list an About/Overview section, Job Openings, Products & Services, and basic information like location, industry, and contact info. LinkedIn also associates any individual on LinkedIn who listed this company as a past or current employer with the company site.When you find the company you want to keep up with, you can “Follow” the company itself, like following someone on Twitter.

For example, say you’d love to work for Adobe Systems. First, search for them on the Company page, and note that their Overview shows they have 28,000+ followers (that’s LinkedIn followers) already. And, 9,000+ people with LinkedIn accounts list Adobe as their employer — you can scroll through the list and see them all if you want, linking to their public profiles. There’s some interesting reading there.

You can also see which job openings they’ve listed. (Adobe shows 37 open positions, 20 of which were listed in the last 30 days, as I write this.) Note that many companies, Adobe included, also lists internal promotions and “departures.”

If you click the “Follow” button here, you can get notified whenever the company updates its page with new info, including job openings.  It’s a great way to get the Internet to work for you during your job hunt.

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1 February 3, 2011 - 7:05am by Isabelle Cardinal (not verified):

Thank you, very good tips here! I did not know too much about linked, now I have a better idea of how to search into it. Thanks!!

2 February 3, 2011 - 7:18am by Anne Marie:

Glad I could help, Isabelle!

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