The Six Patron Saints of Graphic Design

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According to San Francisco graphic designer W. Lynn Garrett, Saint Pixela, the patron saint of "Retouching and Comfy Chairs," spent her twilight years living in peaceful solitude near the Lake of Saint Vector. In contrast, Saint Anxiete (patron of "Impossible Deadlines & Foamy Coffee") had a tumultous life, tragically cut short at the age of 45 when she was "trampled by a herd of cattle while chasing King Fedex to hand him a package." She's depicted in saintly garb, with halo, holding a cup of foamy latte in one hand while gazing worriedly at a clock with Roman numbers.

The other four patron saints of graphic design — Sts. Concepta, Exacto, Pantone and Typo — are similarly depicted and described in Garrett's wonderful web site, The Patron Saints of Graphic Design:

Her paintings of each saint are available for purchase on the site, in the form of "Desktop Relics" (coasters and mousepads), "Manuscripts and Inspirations," (journals and greeting cards) and "More Saintly Offerings" (little tile boxes). Or, if you're "praying for good design," Garrett invites you to view her portfolio and download her resume.

It's one of the more imaginative uses of CafePress's "roll your own tchotchke" sites I've seen to date!


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