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In the last issue of DesignGeek I described two ways of extracting Word art from Word files that clients might give you. Soon afterwards I received a couple replies from readers wondering why I was doing things the hard way.

Dave Haglund of Cygnus Media put it best. In fact I'm thinking of hiring him … LOL.

He's given me permission to reprint his e-mail here:

Hi Anne-Marie,

I always look forward to reading your handy tips in your Design Geek newsletter. But this issue's tips for dealing with artwork in MS Word has me confused.

I get my share of crummy MS Word docs with clip art etc. and though I hate the quality of the art (and find it ironic that someone without any graphics training is "helping" me with a design or layout), I do not have problems getting their art into usable files.

Maybe I am missing something…

Try this:
Open one of these beauties in MS Word.
Click on a clip art image and copy.
Open Illustrator CS
Make a new document
Paste the clip art into the Illustrator file.
…it works perfectly for me and is fully editable.

The same procedure works for photos…
Click on the photo and copy it to the clipboard
Make a new blank file in Photoshop CS
(Photoshop will make it the exact pixel size of the image on the clipboard)
Paste in the photo

Of course if the photo they placed was lo-res, that's all you get…no free lunch.

The same procedure also works with drawn objects copied and pasted into Illustrator (with a few exceptions)

Please let me know if this works for you (or if I misunderstood the problem you were solving


Thanks Dave! I don't know why I didn't try the easy method first! The ones I explained will still work (save as PDF and open in Illy, or save as HTML and open the individual graphics it exports); but this solution is obviously far better.

And everyone, let me take this opportunity to mention I love receiving feedback from you! I reply to every message personally. Whether you're fact checking, setting me straight, asking for help or just expressing appreciation (as a number of you did regarding last issue's link to the Firefly Press movie). It helps me to know I'm not writing into a faceless void. :-)

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