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Back in November, Adobe asked me if I'd be interested in recording a bunch of video tutorials on InDesign CS3. Well, not Adobe itself; but a nice woman who *worked* for Adobe asked me.

She explained that the videos would be included in a free "CS3 Video Tutorials" DVD that'd ship with every CS3 product package. Flattered and petrified at the same time (hmmm this meant I had to actually *learn* the beta instead of playing with it), of course I said yes. I had to fly down to a recording studio in early December for the recording sessions, but that was no problem since I'm from Chicago and the studio was in southern California. Did I mention it was December.

Fast forward to April 16th when Adobe started shipping CS3. I wondered how many users would bother fishing out the DVD from the box to see the videos — I know I hardly ever do that. But I just learned last week that not only am I "inbox" as they say; I'm also online. Adobe has posted all the 40+ presenters' video tutorials covering almost every CS3 product on their web site, and anyone can view them.

CS3 Video Workshop

Look for my fifteen or so videos in the InDesign section! They run the gamut from the most basic ("How to Make a Selection") to advanced new features ("Working with Variables"). My partner in crime at, David Blatner, also has some excellent InDesign video tutorials there.

Upcoming Conferences
Next week I'm doing a session on Adobe Bridge CS2/CS3 for Designers at the
Vector and Pixel Conferences here in Chicago, during the one day they overlap (Wed., May 2):

And in early June — June 4 through 8 — I'll be in New York City doing a bunch of sessions at the 2007 InDesign Conference. Check the schedule to see what I'm presenting:

Haven't registered yet? Enter the coupon code [provided to DG subscribers only] for $100 off the registration fee for any of these three conferences.

I'd love to see you there … be sure and introduce yourself as a DesignGeek reader if you get a chance!

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