Quark 6.1 Projects vs. Layouts

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The first concept new Quark 6.1 users need to get their heads around is this program's unique (as far as I know) ability to combine multiple client projects in one file.

The file that you create in 6.1 by going to "File -> New" is called a Project (a project can contain multiple projects?) which doesn't help. :-)

Anyway … if you can train yourself to think "project = file" and "layout = publication" (or "layout = document") it might help set things straight in your head. A Project (file) starts out with at least one Layout (publication, document); and you can add additional Layouts (publications, documents) to it. You don't have to, but you can.

So you go to the File -> New menu, because you want to create a new … errr… Quark thingie, and what you should choose here is a New Project (it replaces the old "New Document").

The New Project dialog is titled "New Project," (okay, good) but what you're actually setting up in the dialog has nothing to do with the Project per se. Instead, you're setting up the specs for your first, default Layout. There's even a field where you're invited to enter the name of the Layout (by default, it's called "Layout 1").

Many people replace that with their own Layout name ("Acme Brochure"), thinking they're naming the file (the Project), but they're not. The file (Project) is still unnamed and unsaved. It's called "Project 1" until you save it and name it.

If you think about it, that's how it always worked (and how it works in other layout programs). In a New Document dialog, you're not really setting up the specs of the New Document … its margins, trim size, etc. … you're actually setting up the specs of the default Master Page. The document page you're presented with when you click OK is simply the first page based on that Master which you just set up. It's just that you weren't prompted to name the Master Page in the New Document dialog.

So in Quark 6.1's New Project dialog, you're setting up the default Layout's default Master Page. You can give the Layout a name if you want, but like any other program, you'll have to change the default Master name later, assuming you want to do so.

Still with me? Hope so.

To name the actual Project (the file you just created), you need to choose File -> Save, and then replace the default filename, "Project 1" with whatever you'd like to name the file.

The title bar of every Quark 6 document shows both the Project Name and the active Layout name separated by a colon. Here's what you might see:

— If you didn't name anything yet, you'll see "Project 1: Layout 1"
— If you named the Layout but haven't saved the Project yet, it'll be "Project 1: Acme Brochure."
— If you've saved the Project (file) using the same name that you gave the Layout (nothing wrong with that), you'll see "Acme Brochure: Acme Brochure".
— If you save the Project but didn't give the Layout a name, you'll see 'Acme Brochure: Layout 1"
— If you save and name the Project, name the default Layout, and use the Layout menu to create and name a second Layout, you'll see "Acme Brochure: English Layout" (if that's what you named your Layout) when the first Layout is active, and "Acme Brochure: French Layout" when the other Layout is active.

You create and name new Layouts, and rename existing ones, in the Layout menu.

To locate a Quark 6 file in your Finder or in My Documents (Windows), look for the Project name, not the Layout name. Layout names are only accessible within the Project.

As I said, you don't have to create more than one Layout in a Project if you don't want to. But it's nice to know it's there. Each Layout maintains its own document setup (trim size, orientation, margins), Master Pages, Font/Picture Usage, Preferences, Hyphenation exceptions, Trap settings, and more.

But multiple Layouts in the same Project (you can have up to 25) share the same Project-specific things: Colors, Style Sheets, Lists, H&Js, and more; and you can use that cool Synchronize Text feature between them. You can mix Print-based and Web-based Layouts in the same Project if you like.

I wish that you choose among or select multiple Layouts when you Print, Export to PDF, check spelling or run a Find/Change, but you can't. Maybe in version 7?


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