Quark 6.1? Not Yet, But Other News

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A trusted Quark source (inspired by all those West Wing reruns on Bravo I assume) "leaked" to everyone on the QuarkXPress listserv yesterday that 6.1 "will be released very, very soon…I'm talking pronto here."
I've mentioned this list two or three times in past issues of DesignGeek. If you use Quark, you owe it to yourself and your sanity to subscribe:
…note that the list is not affiliated with Quark, the company. It's an independent, sometimes eccentric community populated by jaded Quark users, printers, XTension developers, authors, trainers and hapless newbies.

So of course this a.m. I scooted over to Quark.com to see if anything had been announced during the wee hours — no, dang! no scoop for DesignGeek today — then I reminded myself that rumors are rumors. So I'm just doing my part in the gossipfest, take it for what it's worth.

[2/12/04 UPDATE: Two hours after I sent this issue out, Quark posted their 6.1 update —AM]

Quark 6 Upgrade prices

An earlier post on the list was from a user trying to figure out how much it would cost to upgrade from Quark 4 to Quark 6. He said the information wasn't publicly available on the Quark site … you had to have a valid serial number before they'd tell you.

"Can't possibly be true," I thought. Went to Quark's site. It was true. Sigh.

The closest they come is on this page:

… where they say that upgrade prices "range from $199 to $499 (U.S. Dollars) depending on the version you have."

Then they give you the number for Customer Service, with instructions to have your serial number ready.

See, how it's supposed to work is like this: The seller tells you the price breakdown and the requirements. You make the decision to buy (or not) based on that info. If you decide to buy, then they sell it to you, but only if you meet the requirements (i.e., you tell them your valid serial number).

Detailed pricing for QuarkXPress upgrades is available at any number of reseller web sites (clubmac.com, pcmall.com, etc.) without having to input your serial number first. Why not on Quark's own site?

Wait! I know … I'll bet their webmaster didn't have a valid serial number.

Here's the skinny: For Mac/Windows users in the U.S. and Canada, Quark 3 to Quark 6 is $499, Quark 4 to Quark 6 is $299, and Quark 5 to Quark 6 is $199. Prices are higher for other countries.

Was that so hard?

Toll-Free Quark Support

I *did* notice on Quark's home page this morning that they've made their tech support phone number into a toll-free one for all users: 1-800-676-4575 (press option 7, ignoring the instructions saying you have to have a Service Plan.)


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