Quark 6.0 Fixes

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Here's an actual headline from a current Quark web page:

"QuarkXPress 6 technical difficulties reported for Mac users"

What a scoop! LOL

Okay, at least they're being upfront about it. The technical difficulty they're referring to has to do with what happens to your Quark Activation when you upgrade from Jaguar (OS 10.2) to Panther (OS 10.3). What happens is your activation goes bye-bye, and in some cases, a message appears saying you have to reinstall the entire application because it's corrupted.

Quark explains a few different ways to get around the unpleasantness on the above-titled page here:

v6.0, We Thought We'd Hardly Knew Ye By Now

Yes, we're all still waiting for 6.01 to come out (I had heard a rumor it'd be out in October, so much for rumors) which would hopefully had added some features (same rumors said it'd add the ability to Save As v4, and would allow you to import Word and Excel tables) and fixed some bugs.

Bugs? That's so uncouth. The genteel term is "Known Issues:"

Known Issues with Quark 6 for Macs/Windows:

Known Issues with Quark 4/5 on Mac OS X:

Our friends at Badia Software have released a bunch of free XTensions for Quark 6, one of which fixes a Known Issue for some Mac OS X users: Instead of a layout or project's filename appearing in the printer's marks area on a page sent to a RIP, it says "Unknown." Makes it kinda hard to track which pages belong with which job, especially in a busy pre-press production environment.

Badia FixUnknown XT

Support Sources Update

Way back in DesignGeek #4 (August 5, 2003), I wrote a story about how Quark took down their online support forums from their web site. I also listed a few alternate on-line sources for getting answers to your particular Quark 6 (and 5/4/3.32 for that matter) problems.

The situation hasn't changed in regards to Quark's own forums, unfortunately.

So… if you haven't joined the QXP mailing list yet (mentioned in that issue as the top resource) here's the subscription page again:

And remember when I talked about how difficult it was to find online bulletin boards/forums at design-related sites where Quarkers could exchange information without getting bashed left and right by InDesign zealots? And how MacDesign Online's Quark forum seemed to be one of the few safe havens for Quarkers?

Well it still is for the most part, but there's one thread in their Quark forum whose "Topic" (subject) cracked me up:

"If you don't like it, get the hell out!" (90 messages)

… yes, one Quark user finally had had enough ("this is what I work with, this is what I'm going to work with, we are not switching 20 plus copies of Quark to InDesign") and told the "InDesign groupies" to stick with their own forum.

Over the next few weeks, the thread degenerated into quite lewd commentary and finally died, choking and sputtering, in mid-October. But it's still there if you want to take a look:

I think the stress is getting to us… Quark or InDesign? OS 9 or OS X? PDF or application files? Single Adobe upgrades or the Creative Suite? Potatoes or Stovetop Stuffing? AAGH! What exciting times …


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