Quark 6.1 Announced

December 3, 2003 - 3:00am ||| 0 Comments | Add new

Quark announced the upcoming release of their first OS X update, QuarkXPress version 6.1, at the UK Mac Expo a couple weeks ago, but hasn't updated the most popular pages of their web site with the information yet.

Because you get DesignGeek, you can see for yourself what they said, by going right to the press release:

According to the release, along with "many performance enhancements," the update will feature the ability to import Microsoft Excel workbooks. (No mention of Word tables…hmmm.) Also something about font substitution rules that can be shared among many users. (?)

Whatever, I'm hoping that Quark 6.1's "performance enhancements" will include fixes for the variety of glitches users have encountered with 6.0.

The good news is that QXP 6 registered users won't have to pay for the update, according to the release; on the other hand, they're not specifying a ship date nor how it will affect the Activation requirement, if at all. (Does upgrading to 6.1 mean you'll need to re-activate the installation? No clue yet.)

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