Purchasing Panther (OS X 10.3) for Less

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If you go to Apple's Panther preview page :

… you'll see a "Buy Now" link. Apple's charging $129.00 for a single copy and $199.00 for a family pack of 5 users, the same price it charged for Jaguar (10.2). Unless you purchased a new Mac or a copy of Jaguar after October 8 (in which case you can upgrade to Panther for shipping and handling after it's released), there is no discounted upgrade price for current OS X owners.

Of course, *after* I purchased Panther from Apple's site for the full price, I discovered that you can get a single copy of it for $99 from MacConnection, the mail-order house:
…or call them at 1-888-213-0260 to order it over the phone.

To get the $99 deal, you need to purchase Panther from them before Oct. 31, 2003 for their discounted price of $119.95. It comes with a $20 rebate on top of that — the PDF rebate form can be downloaded from their site.

Want to see what Apple has in store for us with 10.3? You can get a shallow overview on that Panther page cited above.

Other unofficial sources — full of details — abound. Check out Think Secret (http://www.thinksecret.com) … the home of Mac rumors and speculation, many of which turn out to be true. You can find a ton of early beta information by clicking the Archives button and checking out the stories from July until now.

Another good unofficial source is reading what all the Panther beta testers, discretely hidden behind screen names, are discussing amongst themselves in MacNewsNetwork's forums :
… that long URL jumps you to the results of a forum search on the word "Panther" (2000+ threads!).

… just keep in mind that often, the final shipping version of a piece of software is different than what the beta testers were seeded to bang on.


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