Ole Kvern at the AppleScript Pro Sessions

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A couple issues ago I mentioned that Shane Stanley and Ray Robertson's "unique training event," the AppleScript Pro Sessions, are coming to Chicago for the first time on Oct. 31 to Nov. 4. Any designer, publisher or pre-press professional who uses Macs would do well to attend for at least a few days; since a big focus of the ASPro training is automating tedious publishing, design and pre-press tasks with AppleScript.

Ray and Shane e-mailed out an update last week announcing that Olav Martin ("Ole") Kvern is joining them to teach two sessions on scripting Adobe InDesign and XML. (This is in addition to the full day plus that Ray and Shane devote to scripting InDesign.)

Ole is the co-author (with David Blatner) of Real World InDesign (and other books), as well as the author of the massive "InDesign CS2 Scripting Guide.pdf" that's found on the InDesign installation CD.

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of meeting Ole in person at an Adobe event, and I was surprised by two things. First, he doesn't speak with a Swedish accent; second, his brain is not the size of a washing machine with throbbing veins all around it, he actually has a normal-size head and a sunny personality to go with it.

If you haven't registered yet for the AppleScript Pro sessions, get a move on! It's a small-size seminar and there's limited seating.

AppleScript Pro Sessions

My DesignGeek subscriber discount expired Sept. 30, but if you're a member of local design and publishing organizations like the Chicago Book Clinic or the Association for Multimedia Communications, you qualify for a $200 discount off your total registration. Their recent online newsletters had the discount code, contact them if you missed it.

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