Obama Poster-ize Yourself

February 5, 2009 - 2:00am ||| 0 Comments | Add new

Shepard Fairey, principal of the Obey Giant design firm, is the designer who created the iconic "Hope" poster for President Barack Obama's campaign.

Obama Poster

The Associated Press is claiming that the picture of Obama which Fairey based his poster on is owned by them, and wants credit and compensation.

AP Statement on Shepard Fairey Poster

In the meantime, while they're duking it out, why don't you join me and 500,000 other people who've further mashed all over copyright laws by creating a version of the poster starring yourself, or your pet, or your office chair, with your own tagline?

It's tons o' fun!

Go to Paste Magazine's Obamaiconme site:

Click the Create button to get started. You can upload a picture or just take it on the fly with your webcam. Choose a tagline or write your own, fiddle with the color tones a bit to optimize it, and you're done.

I put mine on my home page: http://senecadesign.com


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