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Adobe InCopy, the editorial adjunct to InDesign, is slowly bubbling up into the collective consciousness of page layout professionals. This is evidenced by a growing number of articles, tutorials, and even (finally) a third-party book about the software. I'm thrilled, because I never know what to say to my InCopy training clients when they ask me what resources are available other than on-line help and my InCopy Resources page (

Don't Be Editorial's Prisoner
This was written by me and went up on's web site just a few days ago. It's actually a companion piece to a longer, more in-depth article I wrote on InCopy (and why designers love it) that's coming up in InDesign Magazine (see the next item).

Big InCopy Feature Article [working title]
Well, I don't know the title the editor will give to my InCopy article yet. But it's a good read — it's aimed at designers but has enough info for the editors and management at your company to warrant your passing it on to them (while paying for a second copy of course!). The article will be in the December 2005/January 2006 issue (#12) of InDesign Magazine, to be published in its usual 60+ page PDF form on December 12, along with lots of other great InDesign content that the magazine is known for.

InCopy CS2 (6-part series)
Written by Pariah Burke and his staff at, this six-part series introduces InCopy CS2 and how it works in the real world. They're up part 4 now, and I'm looking forward to parts 5 and 6.

The Adobe InCopy CS2 Book
You can pre-order this book now but it's not due to be released until the middle of January. It's published by Adobe Press and written by "in the field" Adobe application engineers Adam Pratt (Chicago) and Mike Richman (New York City). Adam's a good friend of mine and I know he and Mike are doing a fantastic job on the book.

InCopy CS2 Essential Training
This five-hour series of InCopy video tutorials from came out just a couple weeks ago. You can purchase the CD ($99.95) or take the Quicktime lessons on-line ($25 or $30/month) at her web site. I went through the lessons and I think the author, Colin Fleming, did a great job of explaining the essentials, just like the title says.

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