InDesign CS/CS2 Breakthroughs: 5-Star Reviews!

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David Blatner and I spent almost a full year writing InDesign CS/CS2 Breakthroughs, and it was a sweet, sweet day when it was finally published (Peachpit Press) this past June. It’s available in most major bookstores as well as online, such as Amazon, for under $20:

We were both thrilled with the end result, even before anyone else had read it. The book is stuffed to the gills with 4/C screen shots and detailed step-by-step solutions to common problems reported by ID users, grouped in sections like “Master Page Migraines,” “Scaling Insanity,” and “Color Mismanagement.” Since a lot of issues can be avoided in the first place with a bit of forethought, we also wrote up side articles in relevant sections, such as “Mastering the Eyedropper,” “Using InDesign Scripts,” and “Transparency and Your Print Vendor.”

Now the first reviews are coming in, and it’s gratifying to see that other people are finding the book as useful as we hoped. First, a reader whose nickname is apparently “The Pixel Princess” gave the book its first Amazon review — 5-stars — calling it a “Must-Have Bible for InDesign Users.”

Then, John Feld, editor of PC Graphics Report ( also called the book a “must have” in his review in the July 2005 issue. Among other things, he said, “These two InDesign experts have created a book that examines the issues that most trouble designers using InDesign. […] They both bring their own senses of humor to the book, which makes for an enjoyable read but doesn’t get in the way. This book is a must-have, if you’ve ever been so frustrated with InDesign that you thumped your fist on the keyboard, as many of us have. Concepcion and Blatner have done a great job of tacking the issues rather than discussing every feature.”

And last week, in the latest issue of Jay Nelson’s Design Tools Monthly (, Jay said, “We want to thank David Blatner and Anne-Marie ConcepciĆ³n for writing Adobe InDesign CS/CS2 Breakthroughs, because we’ll be borrowing a good number of tips from this book (with their permission and acknowledgment, of course). You can thank them as well by buying a copy. It’s possible that no one has delved deeper into InDesign than David & Anne-Marie. This book collects hundreds of solutions to problems and puzzles in InDesign, from hidden features to illogical interface choices. And just one of them could easily justify the cost of the book. These 233 pages are entertaining and highly recommended.”

Finally, this past Sunday, the New York Times Review of Books said … oh wait. I don’t think they’ve received their review copy yet. I’ll let you know!

I’ll be showing some of my favorite solutions from the book at the next InDesign User Group meeting in Chicago on September 8, and giving some away as raffle prizes. (Of course if you want me to sign your copy, it’s gonna cost ya … hahahaha). If you’re in town, come on by!

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