My Upcoming Webinar Series: Online Marketing for for Creatives

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Faithful readers of DesignGeek might remember that in a recent issue's "Upcoming Events" article, I mentioned that I was doing a presentation for a local arts group I belong to, the Chicago Creative Coalition. Its members are mainly freelancers and small-business owners in the arts: Graphic designers, web site developers (including a strong contingent of database gurus), photographers, fine artists, writers and illustrators.

Chicago Creative Coaltion

The presentation went great! It was called "Online Marketing for Creatives: Promoting Yourself with Blogging, Podcasting, and Other New Media." We drew a decent crowd on a stormy April night. Armed with my trusty laptop, a screen projector and a surprisingly strong wireless Internet connection, I was able to zip through the best free and low-cost web sites where creatives can promote their portfolios and services and get results.

We created a blog on the spot with two different blogging engines, even writing new posts and uploading images, showing how a blog can be an easily-updated and interesting portfolio, or just a regular blog that entices potential clients to send RFPs. Then I whipped out my headphones and Audacity and showed how easy it was to record a podcast.

There was no time to get to videocasts, social network sites, AdWords and e-mail marketing because the audience kept things hopping with great questions about related issues throughout, like "How do we add a blog to our existing web site?" In fact, it turned into a marathon three-hour-plus session that didn't break up until almost 10:00 p.m. — and I think they would've stayed another hour or two if my voice hadn't started to give out!

Since there's so obviously a need in the creative community for this kind of information, and since I've apparently picked up a ton of knowledge about it over the years — tips and tricks that I use myself and for my clients, and that I really enjoy sharing — I decided it'd be the perfect topic to turn into a series of live, low-cost webinars, each about 60-90 minutes long, that I want to hold this summer.

I've tentatively scheduled the first session in mid-June, but you can't sign up yet … this is just a heads-up that it's coming. If you want to get on the announcement list for the DesignGeek Webinars, go here and add your e-mail address:

DesignGeek Webinar Announcement List

As soon as my registration page is finished for the June session, I'll send out the link in an e-mail to the announcement list subscribers. Of course I'll also announce it in the next issue of DesignGeek, as well as on my home page at and in my blogs and podcast etc., but if you want to make sure you learn about the webinars as soon as they're ready for sign-ups (attendance will be limited) definitely subscribe to that announcement list.


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