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The editor of, a web portal for the graphic design industry, is a long-time DesignGeek subscriber and fan. She has occasionally reprinted stories from DesignGeek on their web site. (Always after asking permission first, and suggesting a generous fee. So of course I'm a fan right back!)

Now, though, she's convinced me to author new content just for their site in the form of a monthly column. "HerGeekness Says:" debuted on March 3, along with the launch of their new web site design.

If you like DesignGeek, you should check out the HerGeekness column. It covers the same type of cross-platform, cross-media tips and techniques as I do here, except — are you ready for this — I can include screen shots! Woo-hoo! And readers can comment on my stories. And I can reply to their comments, saying things like "You don't know what you're talking about! What a maroon!" and so on. Fun times.

Here's the debut HerGeekness column (March 08) on

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I chose to write about screen sharing with your clients. (If you look closely, you can see a picture of me in my video cam feed in a couple of the screenshots.)

Look for a new HerGeekness article to be posted around the beginning of every month… check the Features section for links to all of them:

Back to Potpourri Issue: What Does She Mean by Potpourri Issue?

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