My InCopy Seminar is Now Online

September 27, 2006 - 2:00am ||| 0 Comments | Add new

Are you and your editorial colleagues curious if InCopy could help streamline things at your workplace, but not sure how it actually works?

If so, I think you'll like the latest on-line presentation I did for Adobe, "Introduction to an InCopy/InDesign Workflow." They recorded the live, 60-minute webcast I did in August, and you can see and hear the recording in the privacy of your web browser, anytime you want:

This was actually the second time I did an InCopy webcast for them, and it's better than the first (which I did back in March I think) because I was able to pace myself better and cover more ground. I took time to explicitly show the difference between a layout-based workflow and an Assignments-based one, the source of much confusion with new users; the sample documents are nice and simple, and the content is equally useful to editors as well as designers.

If you and a few colleagues (from both design and editorial) would like to participate in a live InCopy seminar, come to the upcoming InDesign Conference: Master Class, where I'll be doing an almost full-day workshop on InCopy and InDesign. (Or of course, contact me for training and consulting support for your particular organization.)

I'm excited about the conference, it'll be at the Adobe campus in Seattle, home of the Creative Suite! David and I will be doing a live InDesignSecrets podcast during one of the sessions, too.

InDesign Conference: Master Class
Seattle, Washington; Nov. 6-8, 2006


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