Last Day to Save $200 on Adobe CS4

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Adobe released the latest iteration of their Creative Suite, CS4, last October, and back then, their "limited time upgrade offer deadline" of February 28, 2009 seemed so far off, didn't it?

And now … the end is near … and so we face … the final daytosave200dollars …. (that was me imitating Frank Sinatra).

Here's the skinny: If you're upgrading from CS3 to CS4, there is no deadline to worry about. The upgrade price remains the same as it's always been, $499 for CS4 Standard and $599 for CS4 Premium.

The savings deal is for people who still use CS1 or CS2. To upgrade to CS4, skipping previous ones, you have until February 28 (tomorrow, as I write this), to get the same price as those who paid for the CS3 upgrade.

After February 28, you have to pay $200 more to leapfrog to CS4, when the upgrade cost moves to $699 (Standard) or $799 (Premium). So if you think you're probably going to upgrade to CS4 sometime this year, it would behoove you to do so now, even if you don't install it for a while.

There are all sorts of permutations on upgrade prices (for example, you can still upgrade from a single product to the entire suite for something like $799), so please check the Adobe site for actual final figures before waving this article in your boss's face and yelling "let's go! let's go! let's go!"

The page on the Introductory Upgrade offer (the one that expires 2/28) is here:

For every single price permutation for your country, go to and click on the Store link in the navigation bar.


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