It's Official: Quark's 2nd-Computer License

September 23, 2003 - 3:00am ||| 0 Comments | Add new

As reported in DesignGeek a few issues ago (okay, I was just passing along credible scuttlebutt), Quark has announced a new twist on its product licensing for registered users: After paying for and registering your single-user license of the QuarkXPress 6.0 software, for an additional $75 you can get a license to use XPress 6 on both your primary and secondary computers. ("Such as a laptop" they say, thus the moniker for the offer.)

Restrictions are that your two computers have to be the same platform (either Mac or PC) and that you don't use the two licenses concurrently. The Mobile Licensing Program is only available to single-user license holders, not to those companies which purchased multiple copies and the Quark License Administrator (QLA) product to manage them.

To get in on the deal, dig out your serial number and call Quark customer service at 800-676-4575 (in Canada, call 307-772-7100) during regular business hours.

Official info available here:

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