Interview with Adobe's Mike Ninness

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I was catching up with one of my favorite tech podcasts, Techbyter Worldwide, a few weeks ago, when whose mellifluous voice do I hear coming out of my speakers but Michael Ninness’s, talking about how great InDesign and InCopy CS4 work together.

I couldn’t believe it! First, Techbyter is more of an omnibus, general computing technology sort of a show, yet here it was spending generous amounts of airtime on my favorite publishing niche. Second, I’ve never heard Michael interviewed in a podcast, period. He’s the senior product manager for InDesign and InCopy, and you know Adobe keeps these guys hopping. I usually just run into him at conferences, RoadRunner-like.

To hear Michael wax poetic about InDesign scripting and the InCopy workflow for a solid ten minutes, go to the Techbyter podcast web page for the March 8, 2009 episode:

Podcast host Bill Blinn (a seasoned radio professional) thoughtfully extracted the two segments with Michael into stand-alone .mp3’s. You’ll find them in the top section of the page titled “InDesign and InCopy Play Well Together.”  Or, you can listen to the entire 35 minute episode via the player at the bottom of the page.

As I said, Bill’s TechByter Worldwide is one of my favorite podcasts. He covers Macs, Windows, and Linux with aplomb; and always from the perspective of an actual end user (who happens to know his way around operating systems). You can listen to any episode or subscribe to them all on the TechByter Worldwide page in the iTunes Store:

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1 June 24, 2011 - 7:04am by Carsten (not verified):

But can this guy tell me, why they divided these programs which would be much more better as one solution. When i look at modern cms systems with front and back end and the way they do the rights issues, adobe incopy and indesign is stoneage.

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