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This fun little blog that David Blatner and I started as a sideline venture a couple years ago has turned into a monster, but in a very good way. We're getting an incredible number of visits (over 10,000 unique visits a day), and have had to upgrade our server twice in rapid succession this summer because we went over bandwidth. The companion podcast is now up to episode 93 … I'm amazed that we're still able to find Obscure InDesign Features of the Week-eek-eek (echo effect) to close out each episode. Turns out that you can always find an obscure feature in a panel menu!

In addition to writing blog posts and publishing podcasts, this year we went through a major redesign upgrade, added a better search engine, added more InDesign guru contributors, brought on more advertisers and sponsors, created our third InDesign Keyboard Shortcuts poster (for CS4), and as I mentioned in a DesignGeek earlier this year, we started a sister site that I run,

It exhausts me just to write about it! LOL

I haven't been able to post as many blog articles as I'd like to recently (surprise), but you can see a list of them here:

The best part of the and blog is that they're such a perfect fit for everything else I do. For example, while training a publisher a few weeks ago on how to use InMath, the math typesetting plug-in for InDesign and InCopy, it was difficult to decipher all the Hidden Characters (aka Show Invisibles) that the plug-in generates. I made a crib sheet for myself, and then after the training, turned the crib sheet into the Ultimate Guide to Special/Hidden Characters in Adobe InDesign; a five-page magnum opus PDF.

I thought, this will be perfect for Seneca's InDesign training clients … and then I thought, this would also make a perfect blog post!

You can read about the Guide to Special Characters PDF, see a preview of it, and download it here:

The other best part of writing a blog is the immediate feedback you get after posting. Unlike most other blogs, we don't require people to register or even enter some arcane gibberish (called a "Capcha") in order to comment. You can just jump right in, and blam, it's published. Some of the comments from that Special Characters posting were "This is fantastic!" and "Thank you Anne-Marie!" and "You forgot Non-joiner!" (heh … I added that and posted a new version) and "I wish I had this last week!" Very gratifying.

How I wish I could have that feedback for DesignGeek. Well, I'm burying this deep in the issue, but I aim to have — the blog — up and running in the next few weeks. Ssssshhhh … that news is only for the true DesignGeek fans who actually read the entire issue. ;-) Of course, when it's live, I'll announce it in a top story in the e-zine. (Yes, of course the e-zine will continue.)

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