InDesign's Hidden Proportional Scaling Command

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You've placed an image in InDesign and you want to scale it up or down proportionally.

Let me count the known ways, and then I'll tell you a little-known way.

— Select the image/frame combo with one click of the Selection tool, and Command (Mac)/Control (PC)-Shift-Drag on any handle of the frame (this scales both the image and its frame but not the frame's stroke, which is a Good Thing);

— Use the Direct Selection tool to select the image only (not the frame) and reveal its bounding box, then Command/Control-Shift-Drag on any handle of the bounding box (this scales the image only and leaves the frame alone);

— Select the image/frame combo with the Selection tool, then double-click on the Scale tool to get its dialog box. Choose Proportional and enter your scaling percentages, then click Okay. (If you only want the image scaled, and not the frame, use the Direct Selection tool instead.)

— For an accidental disproportional scale of an image, select it and choose Object—>Fitting—>Fit Content Proportionally. (Then go back to the same menu and choose Fit Frame to Content if you want to fix that too.)

… and the little-known way…

— Use the Transform palette: Enter a number in either the "X Scaling" (horizontal) or "Y Scaling" (vertical) fields, and immediately press Command-Return (Mac) or Control-Enter (PC). This prompts InDesign to enter the same number in the other field, making the scaling proportional. Or you could just hold down the Command/Control key while choosing one of the scaling pre-sets in the fields' pop-up menus… same thing happens.

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1 December 11, 2012 - 6:37am by Anonymous (not verified):

HalleLUjah! At LAST! Someone who knows how to teach!

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