InDesign/InCopy 4.03 Patch Released

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Late last week, Adobe quietly released software updates for InDesign CS2 and InCopy CS2. According to the ReadMe file that accompanies the installation, the 4.03 update fixes a number of pesky anomalies and glitches in both programs, including ones involving incorrect font remapping, weird EPS output, unexplained slowdowns and unexpected quits.

Interestingly, a number of the problems — er, Resolved Issues — that the ReadMe says that 4.03 fixes are related to the InDesign/InCopy workflow — like problems, sorry again, issues with incorrect text wraps and un-updatable inline images in Assignments.

A particularly nasty bug that in certain situations caused all of an InCopy-using editor's hard work to disappear is also fixed, according to the Read Me. Here's how it put the error: "After editing and saving a file in InCopy, the file loses all content and generates error messages when updating or attempting to re-open the file in InCopy."

Holy moley!

Windows InDesign users need to download and install "MSIdnAPIsMP.EXE" (a link to the file on Microsoft's site is in the ReadMe) in order to "completely" solve an issue involving maintaining certain links when files are opened cross-platform.

If you're not an InDesign or InCopy user but you're morbidly curious, you can read the whole ReadMe yourself without running the update:

And while I'm on the subject, here's what Quark says they're working to fix in QuarkXPress 7:

Let Your Program Fetch the Update
To update your copy of InDesign or InCopy, just go to that program's Help menu and choose Updates. That starts up the Adobe Updater utility program, which queries Adobe's web site about any updates available for any CS2 program you have installed on your computer. The updater is set to run automatically every month by default, but why wait?

If the updater found anything, it'll tell you, "Hey I found some updates." You could just trust it and click the Install button, but if you're obsessive like me, click the Show Details button instead. Click the InDesign CS2 (or InCopy CS2) 4.03 Update checkbox to install just that patch for now.

Or Find it Yourself on Adobe's Web Site
A good thing happened when Adobe merged the Macromedia site with its own back in May, it created a dedicated page just for Creative Suite users to see what patches are available for their programs and to cherry-pick the downloads.

Updaters for Macintosh Creative Suite (CS1 and CS2):

Updaters for Windows Creative Suite (CS1 and CS2):

InCopy CS/CS2 updates are here:

Downloads for Macintosh InCopy CS1/CS2

Downloads for Windows InCopy CS1/CS2:


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