InDesign Users on Your Gift List? They'll Love You for This

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As co-hosts of, David Blatner and I talk about InDesign keyboard shortcuts a lot. A LOT. They just save so much time, and there's so many of them. Sometimes, though, they're hard to find in the menus; and most irritating (but understandable) is that there are dozens of useful commands with shortcuts that don't appear in the menus at all, because there's just not enough room. You have to dig though Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts to find them.

Last month, he and I spent way too much time unearthing these and merging them with the ones from the menus, organizing the whole mess of them by function or product area, and laying them out in a poster-sized document in a way that makes sense to us, and we hope, other InDesign users.

Then, after weeks of designing and tweaking the layout — we were up to "FinalPoster-v14b.indd" at the end, oy! — we had them printed up in color on good poster stock, and are offering them for sale on our web store.

The Ultimate InDesign CS2
Keyboard Shortcuts Poster (Mac/Windows)

At 18" by 26", this colorful poster has plenty of room for all the InDesign CS2 shortcuts. It's perfect for hanging up by your computer as a silent testament to your InDesign Geek-edness to your colleagues, and oh yeah, it's a handy way to quickly look up a shortcut. No one's left out: Mac IDCS2 shortcuts are on one side, Windows on the other. Go to the URL to see screen shots of both sides of the poster at various sizes and read more about it.

Officially, we're selling the posters for $15/ea. plus shipping (rolled or folded), but if you order 2 or more at once they're much cheaper. Plus, if you enter the coupon code BARBELL (you have to listen to the podcast to appreciate that), you get 30% off your order until Dec. 31, 2006.

We printed up a limited run, so get your orders in early!

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