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A couple issues ago I talked about how I had finally finished the book I was co-authoring with David Blatner for the past year, InDesign CS/CS2 Breakthroughs (Peachpit Press, 2005).

In case you missed that issue, the book is a compilation of over 200 of the most commonly-encountered <ahem> "challenges" users encounter with InDesign (Word styles, transparency and pre-press, scaling, etc.) and their solutions, of course. Some content is for newbies, but the lion's share is aimed at the seasoned InDesign user who's already tried all the obvious solutions and is still stuck.

David and I spent months just researching and compiling the topics we cover (interviewing users, trainers, combing the online forums and listservs), let alone writing and testing our solutions, so chances are if there's something about InDesign giving you trouble, the answer's in there.

Best of all, the street price is comfortably under $20, such a deal! (4/C printing is getting less and less expensive, I guess.)

In that same DesignGeek issue I mentioned that you could pre-order InDesign Breakthroughs on Amazon even though their product page for the book showed an old cover and an old title. Since that issue went out, Amazon has updated the page, and just today started shipping the book:

It's also available from most online and storefront bookstores. If you get a chance to read it, I'd love to hear what you thought. Here's what one early adopter already e-mailed me a few days ago (guess he didn't use Amazon):

Good Morning, Anne-Marie:

The Concepcion and Blatner book arrived yesterday.

Frankly, I don't think I can part with it long enough
to send it to you for autographing!

What a wealth of information. And I thought I knew
InDesign really well. I've got to get my highlighter
and start marking. Can one buy highlighting overlay
adhesive sheets to lay over an entire page? :>)

You and Dave have a jewel here.


[Note that I did *not* pay Larry to call it the "Concepcion and Blatner book" instead of the "Blatner and Concepcion book" hahahaha….]

Bookpool Features Blatner and Concepcion
If you go to (online purveyor of discount computer books) and scroll down the home page a bit, you'll see a feature called "10 Books 10 Years."

The people at Bookpool asked "a few of your favorite computer book authors" (so says the page) to list their 10 favorite, must-have computer books from the last 10 years, and then Bookpool posted their responses. It's part of Bookpool's own 10th anniversary celebration.

Right now there's links to five authors' lists, including mine and David's. Each author also wrote up a blurb for each book explaining why it made their top-10 list. I'm sure more authors will be added as their anniversary year progresses, but even with just five there, it's interesting how many books are repeatedly mentioned as must-haves among the authors.

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