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Yesterday afternoon, a DesignGeek subscriber e-mailed me asking if InDesign had the equivalent of QuarkXPress's "Ctrl-J" (Command-J) command to quickly "Jump" to a page. If you look at InDesign's Layout menu where the page navigation commands and their keyboard shortcuts appear, "Go to Page" is not one of them.

A perplexing oversight, since indeed, InDesign has a keyboard shortcut to jump to a specific page and a lot of people would love to use it. It's Ctrl/Command-J, just like Quark's. The only difference is that instead of getting a dialog box where you enter the page number, InDesign highlights the Current Page Number field at the lower left of your window. Just type the page number you want to jump to and hit Enter/Return to go there.

Then this morning I noticed that in one of the posts to the InDesign listserv, someone was explaining how you could write a script that would change the page view to 50%, 200%, and 400%, since they're not listed in the View menu, and designers use these views a lot.

Again, a perplexing omission from the menu, since InDesign does have keyboard shortcuts for these views: Command/Ctrl-5, Command/Ctrl-2, and Command/Ctrl-4, respectively.

How do I know these (and other useful commands not listed in the menus)? From two sources in InDesign: 1) The listings of commands per product area in Edit -> Keyboard Shortcuts (all the above appear in the Views, Navigation section); and 2) The online help manual (Help -> InDesign Help), specifically, the Table of Contents link second from the bottom, Keyboard Shortcuts.

Next time you're wishing ID had a shortcut for this or that, check out these sources. Just because it isn't in the menu doesn't mean Adobe forgot about it, they probably just wanted to keep the menu clutter down or an interface dude had a brain spasm and no noticed or something.

And if it isn't listed in the online help, see if the command itself appears in the Edit Keyboard Shortcuts window. There are hundreds of commands there that lack keyboard shortcuts (e.g., all the Change Case ones), just pining for you to add one yourself.


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