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While the press releases and hoopla have died out to a great extent, many companies are just now getting around to updating to the Adobe Creative Suite.

To recap, the Adobe Creative Suite is InDesign CS, Photoshop CS and Illustrator CS. That's the Standard version — the Premium version also comes with GoLive CS and Acrobat Professional 6.0. Adobe VersionCue, a workflow management utility for Adobe CS program files, is included with either package. Details and pricing information are here:

A question I hear a lot from new CSers is, "I thought it came with free fonts. I can't find mine. Where are they? And which are they?"

Answers to these questions are devilishly difficult to find in the product documentation or on Adobe's site. But I've cobbled together a cheat sheet from various posts on the Adobe forums, mainly authored by Thomas Phinney, Adobe's helpful font god (technical title: Fonts Program Manager).

Where Are They?

Installing the Creative Suite automatically installs the free fonts, all of which are in the cross-platform Open Type format.

In Mac OS X (OS 9.X doesn't support CS apps), the fonts are either in your root (not username) /Library/Fonts/ folder, or in the root's /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fonts/ folder.

In Windows, some fonts are in your normal Fonts folder, the rest are in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Fonts\ folder.

On either platform, you can move the fonts out of Adobe's secret hidey-hole into your normal Fonts folder if you want them available to all applications.

However, there's one more free typeface available to you that doesn't get included with a CS install: the drop-dead gorgeous Brioso Pro. To grab that one, you need to register your CS serial number with Adobe. Then you're entitled to one of five "registration gifts," with a link to the Brioso Pro free download being one of them.

Which Are They?

Here's the definitive list of typefaces that come with the Creative Suite package. If you add up all the font variations within each family, there's a total of 211 free Open Type fonts.

Note that you get the same fonts with both the Standard and Premium packages, whether you purchase it as new or as an upgrade from Photoshop, and regardless of platform or special pricing/licensing (e.g., Education).

Adobe Caslon Pro
Adobe Ming Std
Adobe Myungjo Std
Adobe Garamond Pro
Adobe Jenson Pro
Bernhard Modern Std
Birch Std
Brioso Pro
Brush Script Std
Caflisch Script Pro
Century Old Style Std
Chaparral Pro
Charlemagne Std
Courier Std
Giddyup Std
Kozuka Gothic Pro
Kozuka Mincho Pro
Letter Gothic Std
Lithos Pro
Minion Pro
Myriad Pro
Myriad Std (Tilt & Sketch)
News Gothic Std
Nueva Std
Poplar Std
Prestige Elite Std
Rosewood Std
Ryo Kana Std
Stencil Std
Trajan Pro
Viva Std
Warnock Pro
Woodtype Ornaments Std

Tip: OpenType fonts names that end in "Std" (Standard) contain the usual number of glyphs (characters), the same as in a Type 1 or TrueType font, in fact they're usually straight conversions of existing TrueType or Type 1 faces. The advantage is that OpenType fonts are cross-platform — the same file can be installed in the Fonts folder of either the Mac or Windows platform.

In contrast, OpenType font names that end in "Pro" contain an extended glyph set, such as Old Style Numbers, Discretionary Ligatures, and so on. Brioso Pro has so many fonts and glyphs, it's over 8MB in size!

The moral of the story: When you're scanning through your font menu looking for a typeface with lots of variations, choose one whose name ends in "Pro."

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1 November 18, 2010 - 1:03am by lzkim (not verified):

This one can really help me. but I’m a newbies can you please help me to perform Adobe CS? I’m a beginners. By the way Thanks for sharing.

2 March 11, 2011 - 6:15am by Anonymous (not verified):

Is it possible to install only fonts from CS2 Creative Suite Premium? I own the CS2 package but I use CS5 (together with Win 7) now. I removed it from my PC before installing CS5. Unfortunately the font “Caflisch Script” isn’t on my system anymore but I need it urgently. It should be somewhere on the old CS2 discs I have… Does anyknow know?

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