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Anne Marie Concepcion

I'm Anne-Marie "Her Geekness" Concepcion, a design studio owner and Adobe-certified trainer, specializing in Adobe InDesign and adjacent workflows. You can reach me at or 773-669-7525 (Chicago).

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As my new site gets built out, I'll be adding lots of free download links designed to make any Design Geek happy.

Try these on for size (all PDFs); and more to come!

Download EBooks Resources

Ebook Resources

A one-page PDF that lists all the resources I use when creating ebooks from InDesign. I created it as a download for my frequent webinars and video courses on creating ebooks so folks didn't have to madly scribble all the URLs down while I was teaching.

Download Collaboration Handbook

Designers and Editors:
Collaborating Without Tears

I put this handout together for the attendees of my "Design and Editorial Collaboration: No Tears" session at the 2022 CreativePro Wee conference. If you're an InDesign user who has to import Word files from contributors, or send out proofs for mark-up, you'll find this handout enlightening.

Download Adobe Design Resources

Adobe Design Basics 2022

Are you at the beginning of your learning curve? This excellent 200+ page PDF covers how to get started with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and XD. I got permission from the author, Thomas Payne, to distribute this PDF, which I stumbled up on while spelunking in the Adobe Education Resources pages on It is phenomenal. I teach a lot of beginners and will be using this to help them out.