Found: Elusive En Dash Keystroke in Windows QuarkXPress

January 29, 2004 - 2:00am ||| 0 Comments | Add new

In my last issue of DesignGeek (lucky #13, 1/14/04), I listed the Windows keystrokes for the most frequently-used special characters (bullets, em dashes, etc.) in QuarkXPress and InDesign.

While researching that article I couldn't find a keystroke for making an en dash in QuarXPress for Windows, and so wrote "none that I know of" next to the entry.

Shortly after I sent it out, I got two replies from DesignGeek subscribers telling me the keystroke. Weirdly, each supplied a different keystroke, and neither was correct (and follow-up with them confirmed it — I thought maybe it was my Dell).

But that impelled me to look harder for it. After all, it makes no sense for Quark to have a keystroke for an em dash (Control- Shift-=) but not one for its shorter cousin.

Deep in the QuarkXPress v6 documentation for Windows, I found it (in the Glossary):

Note however, that this is a "non-breaking" en dash (so time ranges like 2002-2003, for example, won't break across lines). There is no keystroke for a breaking en dash, as there is for an em dash. To get an en dash to break — not typographically correct, but sometimes necessary — you'll need to follow it with a space (2002 - 2003).


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