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Here are the links I mentioned earlier!

Facebook Fan pages for Seneca Design & Training, and InDesignSecrets (go there and click the “Like” button to get my posts … I try not to duplicate the same info too much). I also have one for fellow Facebook/Twitter marketers, and offshoot of my title (below), called Social Media Marketing.

On Twitter I’m @amarie, and David and I both post to the @indesignsecrets Twitter feed. I know I know you think Twitter’s dumb, well I really like it — you should watch my video about it to learn why!

InDesignSecrets blog, forum, podcast web site or iTunes), videocast (web site or iTunes), live seminars, annual conference, webinars, ebooks; make sure and sign up for the newsletter there to get private discount codes and such

Two other blogs I run that I mean to post to much more often: (yes!) and does have all the back issues of this e-zine, at some point I’ll be removing them from Seneca’s site. That’s the plan, Stan. That little venture called keeps hogging all my time. ;-) In the past year I recorded video tutorials for Social Media Marketing with Facebook & Twitter, InDesign CS5 New Features, Acrobat Pro 9 Tips & Tricks, and a whole bunch more. (I just finished recording the InCopy CS5/InDesign CS5 one, that should be out in a month or so; and I’ll be doing two or three more by the end of the year.)

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