But First, a Note to My Geek Friends

May 24, 2006 - 1:00am ||| 0 Comments | Add new

It's not your imagination, I've only been able to manage one DesignGeek issue a month for the past couple/three months. I'm not going anywhere and I'll be returning to my twice-a-month schedule shortly. (I love that term, "shortly." Could be 15 minutes … could be 15 weeks. A very forgiving term.) But I will be writing at least one issue every month; it's truly my favorite "job" out of all the things I spend my time on. And the backlog of story ideas … egads, it's enormous.

I do have some exciting news — a lot of my time has been focussed on three new web sites that I'll be rolling out on my own or with partners in the next couple months, all of a DesignGeekish nature. So if you like my writing here, you'll love my writing there too! I announce the first one below; keep an eye out for news about the other two in upcoming DesignGeek issues and on Seneca's home page.

Thanks for your patience and support!


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