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I want you to know about upcoming seminars and webinars I’ll be doing or that I’m involved with, covering InDesign, Acrobat/PDF, and other goodies.

InDesignSecretsLive! Seminars

David Blatner (my partner in InDesignSecrets.com) and I have been enjoying doing one-day traveling seminars on InDesign around the country for the past year, with the main topic being “Tips and Techniques for Getting the Most Out of InDesign.”  We even made a web site just for our live events, with a page devoted to the traveling seminars:

InDesignSecretsLive! Seminars

At the day-long events we have lots of raffle prizes, and everyone gets free plug-ins and subscriptions, and of course there’s all that InDesign tip goodness, Q&A, and lots of laughter.

Based on the evaluations, though, a number of attendees want more cow bell! I mean, more in-depth info on using InDesign to create ePubs (and from there to the iPad/Kindle), SWF presentations, and interactive PDFs. So at a couple of cities this fall we’re testing out a 2nd day where we’ll dive into that, called “Beyond Print with InDesign.” People can come to one or both days.

I’ll be debuting the 2-day seminar in Washington D.C. on Sept 14-15, and David will be presenting the 2-day extravaganza in Los Angeles on Oct. 18-19.  If you sign up right now (before the Early Bird registration deadline), it’s $129 for a single day, or $199 for both days total. Standard ticket prices will be $149/$249 respectively.

Discounts! As a DesignGeek reader, you get 10% the early bird or standard registration fee if you enter the coupon code DG4EVAH when you register.

Here are direct links to the registration pages, which have details about the content and the locations. Hope to see you there!

9/14-15, Washington DC: http://idsecretsdc.eventbrite.com/
10/18-19, Los Angeles CA: http://idla.eventbrite.com/

New! PDFSecrets Seminars
A long-time print industry colleague and friend of mine in Chicago, Clint Funk, is a complete Acrobat freak. Adobe’s own Acrobat team hires him constantly (since Acro 7 days) to teach their seminars on the ins and outs of PDFs, including commenting, reviews,  forms, portfolios, pre-press, accessibility, troubleshooting, and so on. His own Acrobat training clients include Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Target, CDW, the Dept. of Homeland Security, and the U.S. Air Force! So he *knows* Acrobat, okay? LOL.

That’s why I’m so happy that he’s enthusiastically agreed to do our first-ever series of “PDFSecrets” seminars for us! They’ll be along the lines of the one-day InDesign seminars, with boatloads of “use it now” Acrobat tips and techniques and demos, handouts, audience Q&A, raffle prizes, free subscriptions (Lynda.com, PDFScripting.com, more), free add-ons, and so on.

Come to this seminar and you’ll return to your office with dozens of ways you’ll fix and streamline everything your company does with PDFs. You’ll be the resident Acrobat guru for your colleagues, clients, and bosses. And you’ll never have to stoop to using the fax machine again!

Clint is starting out his Acrobat deep-dive tour with a “midwest road trip” and will be hitting the capitol cities (government are PDF hotbeds, apparently) of Illinois and Wisconsin, as well as the state’s largest cities, Chicago and Milwaukee, during one marathon week in September.

PDFSecrets: Working Smarter in Acrobat
9/13, Springfield IL: http://pdfsecretsspringfield.eventbrite.com/
9/15, Chicago IL: http://pdfsecretschicago.eventbrite.com/
9/16, Madison, WI: http://pdfsecretsmadison.eventbrite.com/
9/17, Milwaukee, WI: http://pdfsecretsmilwaukee.eventbrite.com/

We’ve already got people signed up for each of these cities, but the venues aren’t that large so if you want to go, grab a reservation asap. Sign up now for the early bird prices ($129), and save even more if you buy a group ticket —  3 or more people — and save even MORE (10% off) of any those fees if you use the same DG4EVAH discount code when you sign up.

If you can’t wait to learn some Acrobat goodness, Clint wrote up a nice little (one page PDF) tutorial on creating watermarks in Acrobat 9 that you can download: http://j.mp/pdfwms

InDesignSecrets Webinars
At least a quarter of DesignGeek readership lives outside of the U.S., and no, I don’t expect you to fly in from Australia or  for a one-day seminar. ;-)  In that case you should check out the growing list of webinar recordings we’ve made available on InDesignSecrets.com:

InDesignSecrets Webinars

Those are the recordings of live events that David and I (and a few blog contributors) have done over the past year or so. We’ll be debuting  a new series of live webinars this fall, so stay tuned! All you need is a browser, not even a phone (it’s all VOIP) to participate!

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