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DesignGeek #71

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May 15, 2008 - 1:00am

Two Ways to Make Arrows in Photoshop

Ever needed to create an arrow to point at something in a photograph? (Like, "Dead body found here," or "Note the crack in the fuselage"?) You don't have to jump to a different program to do that. With the image open in Photoshop, you have at least two ways to create an editable, vector arrow pointing at exactly what you want.

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My Upcoming Webinar Series: Online Marketing for for Creatives

Faithful readers of DesignGeek might remember that in a recent issue's "Upcoming Events" article, I mentioned that I was doing a presentation for a local arts group I belong to, the Chicago Creative Coalition. Its members are mainly freelancers and small-business owners in the arts: Graphic designers, web site developers (including a strong contingent of database gurus), photographers, fine artists, writers and illustrators.

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