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DesignGeek #66

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October 12, 2007 - 2:00am

My Top Ten Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

Not including the single-key shortcuts for items in the Tools palette, here are the Adobe Photoshop keyboard shortcuts I find most useful. It says "Top Ten" but there's actually a bunch more that I included in each item, variations of the main one. Did I leave your favorite(s) out of the list? E-mail me and I'll include them in an upcoming issue.

To keep things simple, I'll use Mac shortcut keys. If you're on Windows, just think "Control key" when I say "Command" and "Alt" when I say "Option."

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Fun with Illustrator Pattern Fills, Part 2

Last month, investigating a new user's single, innocent question about Illustrator ("Does it have any patterns other than the ones in the default Swatches palette?") led me to hours of playing around with patterns in Adobe Illustrator CS3 and tons of new discoveries. There was so much I wanted to share with you, I had to break the article up into two parts.

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One More YouTube!

In the previous DesignGeek, I thought I had written up all the "YouTubes for DesignGeeks" I had been bookmarking for the last few months.

This morning as I was clearing out my bookmark slush-pile, I found one more. Can't believe I forgot to include it, it's one of my favorites (you may have been one of the 330,000 plus who have already seen it).

Caution: The sound track is from Quentin Tarantino's movie, Pulp Fiction, so there's STRONG language! Turn down your audio first if there are people around who might not appreciate it.

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