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DesignGeek #50

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February 8, 2006 - 2:00am

Quickly Find Specialty Fonts

Someone on a listserv I subscribe to asked if anyone knew of a font that contained credit card logos. After a bit of Google searching I found one that was linked to by numerous web sites.

Rick Mueller's True Type font, Credit Card.ttf, can be downloaded from his specialty font portfolio site here ($5 shareware fee):

One of the Google hits that linked to Rick's font,, caught my eye. It looked like a handy resource for finding other fonts, so I added it to my "Font Finder" bookmark collection. DaFont is available in French or English here:

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Sign Up for My Webinar on CS2

Adobe is rolling out a three-part series of webinars (online, real-time seminars) "hosted by industry experts" instead of Adobe marketing staff. It's called the Adobe Creative Suite 2 Expert Series. Amazingly, I was invited to host one!

I'll be first at bat on Tuesday, Feb. 21, doing an hour of talking, demonstrating, and answering questions online about Adobe Bridge, "Your Creative Hub." The next day, David Blatner hosts the "InDesign Typography Tips and Tricks" webinar, and the following day, Mordy Golding wraps it up with his session, "Discover Adobe Illustrator CS2".

Though they're free, you do need to register in advance if you want to attend. You can sign up for any or all of the webinars in the series here:

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New Info on Cleaning Up OS X Fonts

An "alert reader" (apologies to Dave Barry) e-mailed me a few days ago about an out-of-date link on my Managing OS X Fonts resources page on my web site:

He said that the link I titled "World's Best Forum Post: How to Prune Unnecessary OS X Fonts," which I found last year on an Apple Discussions board, had been updated by the author with info on Tiger and moved to a new location on Apple's web site. more >