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DesignGeek #34

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January 26, 2005 - 2:00am

Designing on a Laptop? Keyboard Help

A couple years ago I got rid of my studio's last remaining desktop Mac. We're now an all-laptop (PowerBooks and iBooks) studio. Okay, there's one Dell Dimensions box still hulking in a corner, but that's next up for replacement with a slick little PC laptop.

A wireless network along with multiple LCD monitors and wireless keyboards and mice scattered around the place make long work sessions a pleasure, but many times — in the summer on the deck, in between appointments in a coffee shop — I've found myself laying out a website with just my laptop's keyboard and built-in 15" screen to work with.

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Photoshop File Browser Tweak Pt. II

I mentioned in my last issue that I've been spending some quality time with Photoshop CS's File Browser, trying to get it to work how I want it to work instead of how it works by default. My first tweak — creating one keyboard shortcut that would open and close the Browser regardless of what was open/active in Photoshop — was detailed in that issue:

Here's another tweak that I've found immensely useful: Getting the Browser to just show me folders with pictures in them instead of every folder in my entire dang hard drive.more >

Quark 6.5's PSD Import Tips

True to their word, Quark released the free PSD Import XTension last month, short on the heels of their 6.5 update, which was available last fall. I've installed it and have been playing with it a bit, it's pretty cool.

The ability to import a Photoshop image into a Quark picture box (without having to save it as a TIFF or EPS first) is great all on its own; on top of that you can turn the image's layers, channels and paths on and off on the fly within Quark, something you can't do in any other program. The same PSD image can be placed multiple times within a Quark file and each instance can show/hide different layers, effectively wringing multiple images out of the same single image file. I've had no problems printing these or exporting them to PDF.

But the XT (seemingly a straight port from alap's ImagePort XT) has some limitations and glitches. If you want to use it, I'm hoping this article will help you out.more >