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DesignGeek #30

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October 20, 2004 - 1:00am

Underlines in Illustrator

Bear with me for a second while I give you the back story.

Last week at the huge Graph Expo at Chicago's McCormick Place, I had the novel experience of donning an official Adobe trade show shirt and helping them at their booth. (Well, not "helping" as in "volunteering," I was more of a hired geek. I got to send them an invoice too, which was a refreshing change from sending a check.)

For much of the four days of the show, I was ensconced in a little free-standing wet-bar-like structure in a corner of Adobe's booth, facing out into a busy intersection on the show floor, with the words "Ask the Expert" plastered across the fronts-piece high above my head where everyone could see.

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Hidden InDesign Shortcuts

Yesterday afternoon, a DesignGeek subscriber e-mailed me asking if InDesign had the equivalent of QuarkXPress's "Ctrl-J" (Command-J) command to quickly "Jump" to a page. If you look at InDesign's Layout menu where the page navigation commands and their keyboard shortcuts appear, "Go to Page" is not one of them.

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UberGeek Site

Are you the type of person who hacks electronics for fun, voided warranties be damned? Such as upgrading your Tivo on your own, or fashioning a cheap WiFi antenna with Chinese cookware? How about using a USB Flash drive as an emergency boot disk? Or turning a Nintendo controller into a USB joystick for your computer?

Sometimes clunky, sometimes brilliant, the ideas presented on the new “beta” Hack A Day blog are always a fun read. It’s amazing what some people have time for — running OS X on an XBox?

I’ll be looking for your hack here: