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DesignGeek #24

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July 7, 2004 - 1:00am

Free History Menu for InDesign

It's so very cool that InDesign has an unlimited number of Undo's. Until you need to use them.

The problem is you can only Undo one step at a time — there's no History palette, thus, no way to click on a 'state" ten or twenty steps back. Just gotta keep on pressing that old friend, Command/Ctrl-Z, over and over again till you arrive at the point right before you screwed something up.

You can get a bit more control if you don't mind using the menu command, Edit->Undo, instead of the keyboard shortcut. The Edit menu tells you which action is on the chopping block: Undo Typing, Undo Scale, Undo Deletion of a Mess of Pages You Shouldn't Have Trashed You Imbecile, Undo Typing, like that. more >

Why Photoshop PDFs Rule

Most designers are aware that for the past few years, Photoshop has had the ability to keep track of vector data (crisp PostScript paths for live text and shapes) as well as raster data (pixels from regular paint layers) in the same file. When you print your layered .psd file from Photoshop, it sends the vector info along with the raster info to your printer, resulting in sharp type even at very small sizes.

Did you know the same thing is true of Photoshop PDFs? Even after being being imported into another program and printed/exported from there?

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Quark Lowers Prices

Now, don’t get too excited, the SRP for QuarkXPress 6.X is still $1,045.00 (USD).

But they’ve lowered their price in two specific areas: Dual licensing and Educational discounts.

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Last Chance to Register for the Adobe Conference

[Reprising a story from the last issue, in case you missed it. The Conference is this Tuesday, 7/13/04. —AM]

If you work in the design/publishing field, use any Adobe software product, and are within spitting distance of Chicago, this conference is for you. Even if you're not blessed to work/live on the "best coast," pay attention, because the conference may be hitting a town by you in the future.

Adobe is debuting their first "Partners in Publishing" Conference and Expo in Chicago from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 13, 2004, and you're all invited at no charge, though you do have to sign up.

Official details, full agenda and attendee registration: >