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DesignGeek #20

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May 12, 2004 - 2:00am

Multiple-page PDFs from Illustrator


A few weeks ago I travelled to beautiful Cincinnatti, Ohio to provide a two-day training session in Illustrator CS for about twenty students. As this was a large pre-press packaging firm (the "back end," the people in charge of taking designer's files and trapping/separating them out to something that will print), these pros and their management had some <ahem> concerns about Illustrator CS that I don't usually encounter with my usual training clients, the "front end" designers and layout production types.

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Concatenating Point Type in Illustrator

A huge issue with moving to Illustrator CS is what happens to the type when you need to "save it back" to an earlier Illustrator format. Since CS has a different type engine … the same one shared by all the Adobe CS apps … the text gets broken up into "point type" when you Export to a previous version of Illustrator or EPS and need to edit it. That's the only way it can maintain the new kerning, for example.

Much more on the new type engine here, by the way:
"Let's Talk About the new type engine" (Adobe Illustrator CS Forum thread)
<//www [dot] adobeforums [dot] com/cgi-bin/webx?13 [at] 166 [dot] CPTYcSJfvP6.0@.2ccdcea3/191" target="_blank">http://www [dot] adobeforums [dot] com/cgi-bin/webx?13 [at] 166 [dot] CPTYcSJfvP6.0@.2ccdcea3/191>

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Quark Listserv Moves to a New Address

I've mentioned the Quark listserv (e-mail discussion group) a number of times in DesignGeek. With the demise of Quark's own online user support forum last summer, it's the only game in town.

After umpteen years of being hosted at Indiana University, the "listmom" was moving on to different pastures and announced in March that the list would soon shut down if no one else could take over hosting duties.

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Download My InDesign Style Sheet Power Tips

A few weeks ago I gave a presentation to the Chicago InDesign User Group called "InDesign Style Sheet Power Tips." Along with my hour-long talk and presentation, I distributed a hand-out with a summary of what I talked about. I thought any of you DesignGeek readers who are using InDesign might find it handy.

You can download the handout (a PDF file) in the meeting notes page:
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