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DesignGeek #16

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February 19, 2004 - 1:00am

Make a Quality PDF Without Owning Acrobat

I was at a colleague's design studio the other day, and she was a little stressed out. She needed to send a PDF of a Quark 4 document to a client asap, but she didn't own Acrobat.

Normally that wouldn't be a problem for my friend — her lead designer, who works out of his home, has Acrobat and does all the PDFing for the studio — but he wasn't around. And the client needed the PDF *now*.

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Quark 6.1 -- yes, 6.1 -- Easter Eggs

In the previous issue of DesignGeek, one of my stories was about how a Quark staffer leaked to the Quark listserv that their long-awaited 6.1 update was going to be released "pronto-like." Right before I sent out the issue, I checked Quark's site one last time so I could provide a big scoop, but there was no announcement.

Two hours after I sent it out, a bunch of DesignGeek subscribers e-mailed me to say that the free 6.1 update was just put up on Quark's site. Ah well! … there went my Jimmy Olson dreams, heh. But, I take comfort in the hope that the story prompted subscribers to check Quark's site and discover it on their own…
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Add Your (Vector) Logo to a Photoshop Menu

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to add your logo's shape in vector format (crisp, sharp edges at any size) to your Photoshop files right from a menu in Photoshop? Here's how.

(Actually, this works with any vector artwork, but logos seem a particularly useful application.)

1. Open up your logo in Adobe Illustrator. Check Illy's preferences, in the Clipboard options, and make sure that AICB format is enabled. Doing this allows you to maintain vector path information in your clipboard.

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