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DesignGeek #15

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February 11, 2004 - 2:00am

Quark 6.1? Not Yet, But Other News

A trusted Quark source (inspired by all those West Wing reruns on Bravo I assume) "leaked" to everyone on the QuarkXPress listserv yesterday that 6.1 "will be released very, very soon…I'm talking pronto here."
I've mentioned this list two or three times in past issues of DesignGeek. If you use Quark, you owe it to yourself and your sanity to subscribe:
…note that the list is not affiliated with Quark, the company. It's an independent, sometimes eccentric community populated by jaded Quark users, printers, XTension developers, authors, trainers and hapless newbies.more >

Printing Fix for InDesign Spoolitis

Having problems with your InDesign documents getting stuck in print spooler limbo whenever you try to print them?

Try this: In the Print dialog, click the Graphics category on the left, and then in the Graphics settings panel on the right, change the default method of downloading your fonts to your printer from "Complete" to "Subset."

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Cool Color Pickers for Mac and Windows

Designers, are you tired of the same old color combinations in your projects? Would you like some help?

I've recently come across two neat, elegant utilities — one for Mac users, one for Windows users — that help you out here. Each has a free, fully-enabled demo you can download, so there's no harm in giving them a shot.

Color Consultant Pro 1.1 (Mac OS 9 and OS X)

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Photoshop Pasting Without a New Layer

Is it possible to copy and paste something in Photoshop without creating a pain in the butt new layer every dang time you do so? Why yes, Virginia, it is, in a way.

Say you're editing an image, and you just want to move or clone a portion of it to another place in the image.

If you make a selection, then do a Copy/Paste, your selection appears on a new layer automatically. If you're not paying attention to your Layers palette (you might not even have it open), you'll end up with a new layer each time you paste something, making it difficult to edit without some additional steps.more >