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Adobe InCopy CS users are able to open InDesign files and edit copy in text frames. They can choose to view the text they're editing in either Layout View (same as InDesign), Story View (same as InDesign's Edit -> Edit in Story Editor), or Galley View (just like Story View but it shows accurate line endings).

Since many editors using InCopy are recovering from Microsoft Word, they often prefer to work in Galley or Story view, as it it's most similar to Word's "Normal" view. And of course, these views are a lot easier on the eyes when you're doing heavy text editing, because the editor gets to choose which typeface all text in Galley/View is displayed in. (Just as how InDesign users can choose which typeface to use in the Story Editor via Preferences -> Story Editor Display.)

Seriously — who wants to edit copy some crazy designer set in yellow-on-green 8-point Adobe Garamond Light Italic? It's a lot easier to edit that copy in, say, Times 18/30, black on white. InCopy users can choose that setting, or any other single typeface, size and linespacing to use in Galley and Story views. It doesn't affect the actual formatting as shown in Layout view, no one has to know how truly near-sighted you are.

In Galley/Story, InCopy users can still apply any sort of character formatting they'd like to the text — via keyboard shortcuts or the Character palette — but they'll only see a preview of Regular, Bold, Italic, and Bold Italic (as shown by their display font) style variations in Galley/Story.

What if the story is formatted with a typeface with many different style variations, like Futura? In Galley/Story, Futura Bold looks the same as Futura Extra Bold and Futura Heavy; it's all Times Bold (or the Bold of whatever display font is chosen). This can be maddening if you really need to distinguish between the style variations, such as when you're formatting bold lead-ins followed by extra-bold place names or something.

Clever InCopy users will think, "A-ha! I'll just choose Futura as my Galley/Story view display face!" But alas, it's fruitless. For some reason, InCopy refuses to display any style in Galley/Story other than the usual regular, B, I and BI of whatever typeface is chosen in the Display Typeface pop-up menu. Futura Heavy and Extra Bold and Boldy McBold look exactly the same: Bold. You have to switch to Layout view to distinguish among them.

The Fix
InCopy users, here is your salvation:

1. Open the InCopy Preferences dialog from the menu and choose "Galley and Story Display."

2. Click the checkbox next to "Override Preview Font" to turn it on, and choose the typeface that has all the variations you need to see from the dropdown menu of installed fonts. (In this example, you'd choose Futura. If your story is set in Myriad Pro, choose that one, and so on.)

3. Click OK in Preferences and check out the text in Galley/Story. Hallelujah! Semi-bold looks lighter than Bold!

It turns out that in addition to your single chosen Display font, you can have InCopy CS show *one* other font in Galley/Story. It will only display that font if text is actually formatted with it; and if so, it displays ALL the style variations as needed.

You can change the "extra" font on the fly — perhaps another story in your document uses a different chock full 'o styles typeface — just by going back to Preferences: Galley and Story Display and selecting a different font.


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1 March 3, 2011 - 12:06pm by Bernard Beaudry (not verified):

I am looking for a Futura Bold font that has an upper case A that comes to a point. Can’t seem to find anything, yet I see it in print…

Thanks in advance,


2 February 18, 2013 - 9:50am by site (not verified):

I had not seen this article

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