Amazing Printing Trick in OS X

December 3, 2003 - 3:00am ||| 0 Comments | Add new

OS X users, try this: Turn on your printer, open your web browser and go to this URL:

You'll see all your printers on your network listed, including any "virtual" printers (such as Adobe PDF). From here you can print a highly useful test page (including if it's PostScript 1, 2, or 3), modify or configure the printer, even delete the printer (for those "ghost" printers which are no longer on your network).

While you're at this page, try clicking the Jobs button in the top navigation area. You'll see a list of all jobs currently being printed, and from here you can put a job on hold or delete it altogether.

For more amazement, try clicking the Show Completed Jobs button on this screen…you'll see a list of everything you've ever sent to the printer since the beginning of time (or since you got your Mac or installed OS X, whichever comes later).

What's happening…is it magic? Who's behind that URL? Some quasi-government agency tracking your computer use?

Nope, it's just your own computer. The above URL is the address of your OS X software's printing subsystem, called CUPS. Print Center (or Printer Setup Utility, in Panther) is just Apple's Mac-like interface for CUPS.

So when Print Center isn't doing what you want, try going behind the curtain to speak directly to the Wizard: use CUPS instead.

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