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The big news this week in the world of digital design has to be Adobe's announcement of their new line-up of Creative Suite applications, dubbed CS3. I watched the live webcast of their launch shindig in New York City this week, even sat through the unplanned 20-minute "we're pausing for technical difficulties" portion when they were having A/V problems.

The webcast itself was neat … you could watch the "theatre cam" or the "screen cam," but I liked the "director's cut" the best … three cameras with professional cuts from presenter, to screen, to audience, all within an inline frame in an Adobe web page.

If you go to Adobe's "On Demand Seminars" page, you can see a recording of the full director's cut (minus the tech glitch) of the live event for yourself. Click the link for the Creative Suite 3 Launch Webcast, way down at the bottom of the page:

The Line-Up
Covering everything that's new in all the CS3 applications is a job best left up to Adobe and a host of Adobe-centric blogs and podcasts. In fact, I've already written a lot specifically about InDesign CS3 (and InCopy CS3) on my other "channel,", as have our other contributors:

So I'll just run through the new Suites and tell you what's included in them. It's a little complicated, because Adobe acquired Macromedia in the meantime (and upgraded most of its programs), so the CS3 offerings include combinations of all the products. For detailed information, go to

To backtrack a bit, CS2 Standard included Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Bridge. Purchasing the CS2 Premium package also got you Acrobat 7 Professional and GoLive. Then CS 2.3, which came out in late 2006, replaced Acrobat 7 Pro with Acrobat 8 Pro, and threw in Dreamweaver 8 along with GoLive.

Now with CS3, integrating the "creative" Macromedia products results in three separate Suites: Design, Web, and Production. The Design and Web Suites are available in a Standard or Premium configuration, the Production Suite is just a single Premium suite. You can also buy the whole enchilada … every single program in all the Suites … in what they're calling a "Master Collection" for $2499.

Creative Suite 3: Design — The Standard edition comes with Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat 8 Pro and Bridge. The Premium edition comes with the same (except you get an enhanced version of Photoshop called Photoshop Extended, special features for engineering, architecture, and science), and also includes the CS3 versions of Dreamweaver and Flash Professional.

Creative Suite 3: Web — The Standard package has Dreamweaver, Flash Pro, Fireworks, Contribute and Bridge. Go for the Premium edition and you also get Photoshop Extended, Illustrator and Acrobat 8 Pro.

Creative Suite 3: Production — Sold in a Premium configuration only, this is essentially Adobe's "Audio/Video" suite. It includes Photoshop Extended, Illustrator, Flash Pro, Bridge, After Effects, Premiere (now available for Macs too), Soundbooth and Dynamic Link; plus Windows-only programs OnLocation and Ultra.

Of course, you can buy any of the CS3 programs individually, you don't have to get the Suite. The new version of Adobe GoLive isn't released yet, but Adobe says it will be available as a stand-alone product.

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