DesignGeek is Now Part of the Creative Publishing Network

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We’re pleased to announce that DesignGeek is now part of the Creative Publishing Network! That means our sister sites include:

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Staying on Top of Your Social Media Marketing

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As I’ve been getting more involved in using social media like Facebook and Twitter to market business services, I’ve been spending more and more time inside each site, keeping up with my various “presences” there. Meaning I have less time to actually create those services and content that I can sell to my clients. Familiar story, right?

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EPS: Why Not?

March 23, 2011 - 11:26am ||| 7 Comments | Add new

by David Blatner

[Note from AM: Many months ago, during one of our videocasts, I kidded David (Blatner, my co-host) because he still had some graphics in EPS format on his computer. Someone recently wrote us asking why I was making fun of his EPS images, and David wrote a great explanation, which follows.]

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DesignGeek-y Events You Need to Be At

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2011 Print & ePublishing Conference
Early Bird deadline: April 8
(Group discounts and Education discounts, too)
May 23 - 25, Washington, DC
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InDesign to EPUB, Kindle, and the iPad

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Do you ever wonder (or are you currently struggling with) how you can convert your trade books, journals, whitepapers, instruction manuals and such from a “designed for print/PDF” InDesign format to a digital eBook for the iPad bookstore, the Amazon Kindle, the Barnes & Noble Nook, and other devices?  Then I think you’ll love this.
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When Font Size Really Matters

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Normally when people talk of fleets, they’re discussing a massive number of boats or cars. But when it comes to Microsoft or Apple, the word best describes their lawyers. Like one army standing off against another, these lawyers lob briefs at each other or at judges. This week, one of these arguments caught our attention: Microsoft filed a motion that Apple’s trademark of the phrase “App Store” should be thrown out because… wait for it… the font they used on the application was too small.

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Links to the Adobe CS5 Online Help PDFs

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Adobe doesn’t ship printed manuals with their software anymore, at least, not with the Creative Suite applications. Instead, you use the Help > [program_name] Help command in each individual program, which opens either the new local Adobe Help AIR application, or your default browser. Either one brings you the main online help files for that program, “live” as they are hosted on Adobe’s web site.

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Acrobat X (v10) Rants and Tips

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My latest title for the the online video tutorial company,, covers the newly-released Acrobat Pro “X” (meaning “10”). Be sure and pronounce it “ten” otherwise Adobe people are authorized to slap you.

Acrobat X Essential Training
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2011 Print & ePublishing Conference in DC

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What are you doing the week before Memorial Day this year? I hope you’ll be joining me in the conference that I not only speak at, but co-produce (with my partner, David Blatner), the Print & ePublishing Conference.  You may remember that we did our first one back in May of 2010, at the Adobe headquarters in Seattle, Washington. It was a ton of fun and a great success with over 200 people in attendance. The majority of attendees and members voted for Washington, DC, to be the next location for the conference, and we aim to please!
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I Didn't Know Preview Could Do That!

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Do you use Preview? It’s the bundled app that OS X uses by default when you double-click on a PDF, JPG, PNG, or GIF file, and probably other formats. Now, most designer/publisher types (including myself) changed the file associations long ago so that PDFs automatically open in Reader or Acrobat, and the image files open in Photoshop or Fireworks or similar.
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